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How does the accuracy test of the gantry milling machine be carried out?

Precision milling machine gantry. How much accuracy is required, but if the user to buy this machine is mainly used to finish the finishing of the workpiece. A silk or a half silk or even smaller, gantry milling machine accuracy is the primary core results.

Rough operation of the rough, then it should be to test the power of this machine is how much, that is, the maximum amount of time is the amount of time. Because of his rough processing of rough processing, the accuracy requirements are not too high, but the efficiency requirements are very high, so he asked the machine to be strong, eat knife to large. Of course, the size of the gantry milling machine is mainly the engine, but there is an important place can not be ignored, that is the screw, if the screw of the moral requirements or not too thin, if the planning machine power is too large, machine speed Faster, eat a larger amount of knife, then the screw can be deformed or even broken. So this situation is also unusual to consider the bearing capacity of the screw. The user's attention should be related to his processing of parts. If the user to buy this machine for the important purpose of processing rough.

Now the degree of use of the machine has been very popular, but in recent years the new gantry milling machine and a series of high-precision machine tools, the daily maintenance work has been neglected, gantry milling machine failure is maintenance can be avoided. In the use of gantry milling machine, the development of CNC machine tools for routine maintenance of the rules and regulations. Always check the grid voltage used by CNC machine tools. 5 minutes after the boot, check everything is normal, just can be used normally. Power on normally open the automatic lubrication system. Check the rail protection, timely rub oil. Shutdown should be timely cleaning machine dirt. Timely in the rail and the table on the oil. Turn off the power in time. The above are some of the details of the attention in the course of daily use. In the attention and maintenance of the details in order to ensure that the gantry milling machine work efficiency and accuracy.