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The gantry milling machine has enough rigidity

Gantry milling machines are suitable for the horizontal, vertical or sloping grooving, milling and boring heads for large and medium-sized ferrous or non-ferrous metal parts on a variety of machines, as well as boring and drilling as well as various improvements based on user needs , While undertaking all types of processing and manufacturing.

Gantry milling machine has enough rigidity, high efficiency, easy operation, simple structure, comprehensive performance and so on.

Gantry milling machine main drive using switched reluctance motor (planer, milling dual gear) table speed stepless speed, its wide speed range to meet the planing, milling a variety of speed requirements, can process a variety of materials Horizontal plane, vertical surface, slope, T-slot, circular groove, rail assembly surface and rack, etc.:

1, advanced ultrasonic quenching process, so that the machine life longer.

2, column, beam split feed system, so that the operation more convenient and fast.

3, independent of the pump lubrication system, so that a variety of work more smoothly.

4, all the castings are done with time and vibration aging treatment, the machine is more stable and more durable, accurate to maintain a more lasting.