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Supply cost-effective CNC gantry milling machine
  • High speed CNC gantry milling machine

    High-speed gantry machining center

    Spindle selection HSK63 spindle, spindle speed 20000RPM

    Superior bed structure:
    Using Mehanna cast iron integral bed, the implementation of a good annealing to eliminate internal stress. Super body structure, coupled with the Y-axis using precision roller linear slide (2 sets of slide 5 slider) configuration......
    High speed CNC gantry milling machine
  • Gantry machining center

    Gantry machining center

    Various models can be equipped with belt-type spindle

    Standard configuration:
    1,Spindle two-speed gearbox; 2, closed electrical box; 3, cabinet air conditioning; 4, electronic hand wheel; 5, the spindle hydraulic system; 6, the spindle oil cooling system; 7, automatic tool change system; 8, automatic cooling system....
    Gantry machining center
  • Moving beam CNC gantry milling machine (cross beam movable type)

    Machine tool optional tool detection and workpiece detection system

    Main technical characteristics Description:
    Machine bed, table and other large pieces are used high-quality resin sand molding, high-quality cast iron casting, the machine to get high rigidity and long-term stability of the accuracy.....
  • CNC gantry machine

    Three-axis Taiwan-loaded heavy-duty linear guide, rigid, dynamic performance

    Main technical characteristics Description:
    High-speed, high-precision, high-rigidity heavy-duty spindle unit, axial and radial bearing capacity, the maximum load speed up to 6000rpm, the main drive with a tooth belt or direct or reducer transmission to the spindle.....


FA-4230HS  6230HX
High speed gantry machining centerFAG2518/FAG3020
4 Advantage
  • High popularity

  • Advanced equipment

  • Cost-effective

  • Good service

Products are exported to more than 20 countries

Fana and a number of domestic and foreign scientific research units, institutions of
higher learning to establish a cooperative relationship, set up a research and development team,
painstaking research and development of CNC machine tools.
Products are widely used in the aviation industry, the automobile industry and other
large mold manufacturing and military, petroleum, heavy machinery, locomotives, shipbuilding,
machine tools and other mechanical processing industry.
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  • Aviation industry
  • Automobile
  • Military industry
  • Oil industry
  • Heavy machine
  • Shipbuilding
  • Automated
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    Fana CNC machine always adheres to the talent as a fundamental business principle, with a number of domestic and foreign research institutes, colleges and universities to establish a partnership set up by a CNC machine tool specialists for research and development team leader, painstaking research and development of CNC machine tools technology. The company has a large number of technical and managerial personnel.
    From design and development to production, manufacturing ,assembly and quality control, Fanuc machines are strictly monitored through every stage to ensure the quality and stability. The company has a variety of advanced scientific research, testing equipment, manufacturing and processing capacity in the industry advanced level. Each machine features and performance......【Learn more】


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