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Performance characteristics of gantry milling machine

American Whitney created a horizontal milling machine in 1818; in order to milling the spiral groove of the twist drill, American Brown in 1862 created the first universal milling machine, which is the prototype of the milling machine; 1884 years ago appeared again and again Gantry milling machine; semi-automatic milling machine appeared in the 1920s, and the workbench used the stopper to complete the automatic conversion of "feed-fast" or "fast-feed".

Gantry milling machine has enough rigidity, high efficiency, easy operation, simple structure, comprehensive performance and so on.

Its specific performance characteristics according to the type, model and manufacturers have different, and the technology used has a great relationship. To the previously mentioned SK series of three-axis CNC gantry milling, for example, its performance is characterized by:

1, vertical milling head configuration TX400 heavy gantry milling head, double rectangular guide, rigid and strong;

2, milling head loaded ball screw, pneumatic broach device, a servo motor drive;

3, side milling head configuration V5 gantry milling head, the installation of independent lubrication device, lifting by the ordinary reducer transmission, frequency control;

4, universal milling / CNC milling one-button conversion three-axis CNC system, programmable operation can also use the expansion panel manual operation, in the actual machining process to achieve a strong;

5, bed advance and retreat, beams up and down, vertical milling up and down are equipped with Taiwan ball screw, driven by the servo motor; 6, with timing belt, synchronous wheel;

7, hand-held electronic hand wheel unit, easy to three-axis knife;

8, the unique crossbar lift safety chain device to ensure the accuracy of the machine to repeat the positioning;

9, Taiwan standard cycloid pump group continuous lubrication, low failure rate.