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High speed machine high speed feed system

High-speed machine tools must also have high-speed spindle system and high-speed feed system, not only to improve productivity, but also to achieve high-speed cutting tool in the normal working conditions, otherwise it will cause sharp wear and tear, damage the surface quality of the workpiece. The feed system only achieves high speed in a very short period of time and achieves quasi-stop in a very short time. In order to achieve high-speed feed, in addition to the ball screw can be improved by the vice, the linear motor drive into a high-speed feed system development.

High speed CNC control system

High speed machining machine spindle speed, feed speed and feed acceleration and deceleration is very high, so the high-speed machining machine control system put forward higher requirements. CNC devices for high-speed cutting must have high operating speed and accuracy. The use of fast response to the servo control to meet the complex cavity of the high-speed machining requirements.

CNC high-speed machine bed (support)

To ensure high precision, high stability and high rigidity of the machine, all castings should be designed with finite element analysis to optimize the design, high-damping performance of high-quality cast iron, have been subjected to vibration aging treatment. Can be directly on the hardened die steel for high-speed milling, and the surface processing speed, good quality, greatly reducing the mold processing process, improve production efficiency. Bed, the integration of the main components such as beams to keep the sand core of the machine vibration resistance is better.