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The use of high speed machines

1, high-speed processing and traditional processing methods of the difference

2, the traditional processing technology using low speed, high power spindle, low feed speed, large cutting volume, as the tool and the workpiece surface are subject to very large cutting force, the tool and the workpiece that will produce a high heat, Of the heat deformation is very large, the tool heat wear life shorter, so that the traditional processing time is relatively long, processing accuracy, poor finish, tool loss.

3, high-speed processing methods using small cutting and infeed depth, 5 to 10 times the traditional processing methods of cutting speed, which means that the spindle bearings, tools and workpieces to withstand smaller cutting force, due to high cutting speed, processing Most of the heat is taken away by iron, the workpiece can have a very good surface finish and processing accuracy, while significantly reducing processing time.

4, high-speed machine tools and the effective cooperation with the traditional machine

5, high-speed processing is the traditional processing of the inheritance and development rather than give up. The most scientific use of the method is: the use of traditional processing methods to large cutting (open rough) after the completion of the process, the remaining 0.5mm processing allowance of the workpiece in the high-speed machining machine to complete quickly, this has many advantages: Cutting a lot of machine tools, processing costs are low, cheap tools, can save a lot of processing costs. After the rough processing is completed, the workpiece is close to the molding and the cutting amount is small. This will maximize the advantages of high speed machining machine, rapid prototyping, high dimensional precision, and very good surface finish, save polishing time and sometimes Can achieve smooth effect.

High Speed Machine Precision:

1, CNC high-speed machine high inertia impact, so the linear guide has a higher demand (some hard rail here do not discuss), the other screw requirements both ends of the pre-pull, nut pre-pressure using double snail The cap clears the axial clearance. Recently, Japan's technology is relatively professional, THK, NSK, Taiwan's annual development has also been a point of development, but most of the high-end machine with Japan, which is part of the essential parts of the protection.