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What is the machining center?

Processing center is equipped with a knife library, with automatic tool change function, the workpiece after a single folder for multi-process processing CNC machine tools. Machining center is a high degree of mechanical and electrical integration of products, workpiece clamping, the CNC system can control the machine according to different processes automatically select, replace the tool, automatic knife, automatically change the spindle speed, feed, etc., can be completed drilling, Milling, hinge, tapping and other processes. Which greatly reduces the workpiece clamping time, measurement and machine adjustment and other auxiliary process time, the processing of the shape is more complex, high precision requirements, frequent replacement of parts with good economic results. The machining center is usually classified by the relative position of the spindle and the table, divided into horizontal, vertical and universal machining centers.

1, horizontal machining center: refers to the spindle axis and table parallel to the processing center, mainly for processing box parts.

2, vertical machining center: refers to the spindle axis and the table set up vertical machining center, mainly for processing boards, discs, molds and small shell complex parts.

3, universal processing center (also known as multi-axis linkage machining center): refers to the axis of the spindle and the table through the rotation axis of the angle can control the linkage changes to complete the complex space surface processing center. Applicable to impeller blades with complex spatial surfaces, molds,

Cutting tools and other parts of the processing.

Inspection standards The standard adopted by the machining center is the internal standard of the machine tool industry. Mainly JB / GQ1140-89 "Machining Center Accuracy", JB / GQ1140-89 "Machining Center Accuracy Annex", JB / GQ1141-89 "Processing Center Technical Conditions". The standard specifies the geometrical precision and accuracy of the machining center and the test method. Processing center inspection must also refer to JB2670-82 "metal cutting machine precision test general rules" and GB9061-88 "metal cutting machine general technical conditions" and other standards.

Inspection project processing center according to its accuracy level can be divided into ordinary and precision level. Inspection items are generally more than 30, its breakdown and test conditions, methods are clearly defined in the standard. A processing center of the whole acceptance of the work is more complex need to use such as laser interferometer, three coordinate measuring machine and other large high-precision instruments, machine tools, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, computer control and other parts and machine Operation performance test, and finally obtained the comprehensive technical evaluation of the aircraft.

1, geometric accuracy: including a comprehensive reflection of the spindle and the table and the relative position accuracy, spindle jump, the end of beating (channeling), table flatness, rotation accuracy.

2, machine positioning, repeat positioning accuracy: the table or spindle movement position, the rotation angle of the set value and the actual value (measured value) or the difference between the measured value of the mean, it is to reflect the machine CNC system control, Differential precision and machine tool set their own comprehensive indicators.

3, the accuracy of work: refers to the representative of the workpiece size inspection, dimensional accuracy is the machine geometry accuracy, positioning accuracy in a certain cutting and processing conditions under the comprehensive assessment. Mainly boring accuracy, parallel hole pitch accuracy, U-turn boring coaxial degree, milling precision of the surrounding surface, circular interpolation milling accuracy.

4, appearance: reference to general machinery-related standards, but the processing center because of its single price is expensive, the appearance requirements are higher than the general machine.