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Reasons for Thermal Deformation of Gantry Milling Machines

Reason: Under the influence of internal and external heat source, the gantry milling machine parts will be different degree of thermal deformation, so that the relative movement between the workpiece and the tool was broken ring, for the gantry milling machine, because all the processing process is the calculation of the instructions Control, the impact of thermal deformation is even more serious.

In order to reduce the thermal deformation, in the gantry milling machine structure usually use the following measures.

1, control the temperature rise in the take a series of measures to reduce the heat, the thermal deformation of the situation will be improved. But to completely eliminate the gantry milling machine inside and outside the heat source is usually very difficult, or even impossible. So must be through a good cooling and cooling to control the temperature rise, in order to reduce the heat source. The more effective method is to force the cooling part of the gantry milling machine. It can also make the temperature of the gantry milling machine coincide by the heating method in the low temperature part of the gantry milling machine, which can reduce the warping deformation caused by the temperature difference.

2, to reduce the heat gantry milling machine internal heat generated when the heat distortion of the main heat source, should be as much as possible from the host to separate the heat source.

3, the improvement of the spindle box For the gantry milling machine spindle box, should try to make the spindle thermal deformation occurs in the vertical direction of cutting the tool. This minimizes the effect of hot deformation of the spindle on the machining diameter. In the structure should also be as much as possible to reduce the spindle center and the spindle to the ground distance, in order to reduce the total amount of thermal deformation, and should make the spindle box before and after the temperature rise to avoid deformation after the spindle tilt.

4, to improve the gantry milling machine mechanism in the same heat conditions, gantry milling machine mechanism also has a great impact on thermal deformation. Such as gantry milling machine used in the past single column institutions may be replaced by double column institutions. Due to the symmetry, the vertical axis of the double column mechanism is heated in the vertical direction, the deformation in the other direction is small, and the vertical axis movement can be easily compensated by the correction amount of a coordinate.