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Selection of CNC milling machine

CNC milling machine is in the general milling machine developed on the basis of an automatic processing equipment, the two processing technology is basically the same, the structure is also somewhat similar. CNC milling machines are divided into two categories without a magazine and a magazine. One of the CNC milling machine with a magazine is also known as a machining center.

Processing characteristics

For the processing site is a box-shaped plane or not equal to the various levels of the steps, then the choice of point --- linear system CNC milling machine can be. If the processing site is a curved surface, should be based on the geometry of the surface to determine the choice of two coordinate linkage and coordinate system. Can also be based on parts processing requirements, in the general CNC milling machine on the basis of the increase in CNC dividing head or CNC rotary table, then the machine system for the four-coordinate CNC system, you can processing spiral groove, leaf parts and so on.


Smaller table-mounted CNC milling machines, the table width of more than 400mm in the following, it is most suitable for small and medium parts processing and complex surface contour milling tasks. Specifications such as gantry milling machine, the table in the 500-600mm or more, used to solve the large size of complex parts processing needs.


China has developed a precision CNC milling machine standards, including CNC vertical milling machine milling machine has a professional standard. Standard positioning of its linear motion coordinates of the positioning accuracy of 0.04 / 300mm, repeat positioning accuracy of 0.025mm, milling round fine 0.035mm. In fact, the machine factory precision have a considerable amount of reserves, compared with the national standard tolerance of about 20% compression. Therefore, from the choice of precision point of view, the general CNC milling machine to meet the processing needs of most parts. For the relatively high precision parts, you should consider the use of precision CNC milling machine.

Batch or other

For large quantities, the user can use a special milling machine. If it is a small batch and often repeat the cycle of repeated production, then the use of CNC milling machine is very appropriate, because the first batch of ready to work fixture, procedures can be stored and reused. In the long run, it is unavoidable to use a milling machine with a high degree of automation instead of an ordinary milling machine to reduce the labor force of the laborers.