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What is the application of CNC machine tools knowledge?

CNC machine tools are a highly automated machine. With the rapid development of social production and science and technology, mechanical products, the performance and quality of continuous improvement, frequent changes. Machining, multi-species, small batch processing accounted for about 80%. In this way, the machine not only requires a high precision and production efficiency, but also with "flexible", that is flexible and versatile, can quickly adapt to changes in processing parts. CNC machine tools to solve the complex shape, precision, small batch, changing parts processing problems, with strong adaptability, high precision machining, processing quality and high efficiency, is a flexible and efficient automated machine tools. With the development of electronics, automation, computer and precision testing technology, CNC machine tools in the machinery manufacturing industry will be more important.

Classification by process use

Metal cutting CNC machine tools, including CNC lathes, CNC drilling machine, CNC milling machine, CNC grinding machine, CNC boring machine and machining center. These machines are suitable for single-piece, small batch and multi-species parts processing, with good processing size consistency, high productivity and automation, and high equipment flexibility.

Metal forming CNC machine tools; such machine tools, including CNC bending machines, CNC combination punch, CNC bending machine, CNC rotary head presses.

CNC special machining machine; This machine includes CNC wire (electrode) cutting machine tools, CNC EDM machine tools, CNC flame cutting machine, CNC laser cutting machine tools, special combination of machine tools.

Other types of CNC equipment; non-processing equipment using CNC technology, such as automatic assembly machines, multi-coordinate measuring machines, automatic plotters and industrial robots.

Classified by sports

Point control; point control CNC machine is characterized by the movement of the machine tool components can only be achieved from one location to another location of the precise movement in the movement and positioning process does not carry out any processing steps. Such as CNC drilling machine, the number of coordinate boring machine, CNC welding machine and CNC bending machine.

Linear control; point linear control is characterized by the movement of the machine parts not only to achieve a coordinate position to another location of the precise movement and positioning, and can be achieved parallel to the axis of the linear feed movement or control the two axes to achieve oblique Line feed movement.

Contour control; contour control CNC machine is characterized by the movement of the machine can achieve two axes at the same time linkage control. It not only requires control of the starting and ending coordinates of the moving parts of the machine tool, but also requires the control of the speed and displacement of each point of the entire process, that is, to control the motion trajectory, to process the part into a straight line, a curve or a curved surface The