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When operating the positive and negative direction of the linear axis of the CNC machine?

In the maintenance of CNC machine tools, regardless of CNC machine tools using any brand of CNC system, many maintenance personnel have encountered one of the following failure, that is, CNC machine tool linear axis, whether open positive, negative direction, straight axis Bad mechanical direction of movement. Take the X-axis of CNC lathe as an example. When the X-axis of the CNC lathe moves near the limit in the + X direction, the X-axis moves in the + X direction regardless of whether you press + X or -X.

When this fault occurs, the general display unit is not alarmed because the X axis is located between the soft limit and the hard limit of the + X axis due to the inertia of the machine.

The solution to this type of failure is to change the positive and negative soft limits of the X-axis to a value greater than the hard limit (for example, the positive and negative hard-bit coordinates of the X-axis are 100 and -800, Set to 1000, -1000), by manually moving the X axis away from the direction of the X-axis fault direction (as shown in the example -X direction), feel the coordinates of the X axis between + X and -X, Set the X axis of the soft limit, and return to the reference point, the failure is eliminated.