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How to choose the right door processing center?

First, the choice of machine specifications According to determine the size of the workpiece size, the corresponding machine to determine the size of the table and the three linear coordinate system travel. The size of the table should ensure that the workpiece can be successfully mounted on the workpiece, the processing size must be in the coordinate travel, in addition to consider the tool space and the coordinates of the interference area restrictions.

Second, the size of the tool library selected gantry machining center manufacturers of the same specifications of the machine, usually set up 2-3 different capacity knife library, such as horizontal machining center knife library capacity of 30,60,80, etc. The processing center has 16,24,32 capacity of the magazine. When the user is selected, the required quantity can be determined based on the process analysis results of the workpiece. The capacity of the magazine is usually determined by the number of tools required for a part in a single clamping, since the other parts are machined , Need to re-arrange the tool, otherwise the tool management is complex and prone to error. From the statistical point of view of vertical processing center selection of 20 knife around the knife library, horizontal machining center is selected 40 knife around the knife is appropriate. Of course, according to the actual needs of the final to determine. For machining centers with flexible manufacturing units (FMCs) or flexible manufacturing systems (FMSs), the magazine capacity should be selected for large capacity magazine, or even for interchangeable magazine.

Third, the selected object to be selected to determine the object before the object, first of all to be prepared to deal with the object. In general, parts with the following characteristics are suitable for machining at the machining center: Multi-process intensive workpieces refer to the need for a number of tools to be machined on a workpiece. Locating the cumbersome workpiece, for example, has a certain hole pitch accuracy requirements of the porous processing, the use of high precision machine positioning characteristics, it is easy to implement. Repetitive production of the workpiece for processing a single piece of small batch production. Small batch refers to the 1-100 pieces, each batch of small, but need to repeat the production. In addition, even if the workpiece shape size is different, but it is similar to the workpiece, easy to achieve group processing (GT) process parts.

Fourth, the machine selection function and the selection of accessories selected gantry machining center machine, in addition to the basic functions and basic parts, there are users to provide according to their own requirements of the selected features and accessories, said the selection function, select the attachment (optional) The With the development of numerical control technology, the choice of more and more content, the price of the host in the proportion of the host is also growing, so the purpose of a large number of unknown accessories is not economical, the so-called "prepared" Ordering ideas are essentially wasteful. Therefore, when the selection should be a comprehensive analysis, but also give due consideration to long-term factors. Select the function mainly for the numerical control system, the kind of price increase is not much, but the use of many convenient features, should be properly configured a little more, and can be more than one machine common accessory, you can consider a machine, But it must be considered that the interface is generic.

5, the accuracy of the selected machine according to the workpiece machining accuracy requirements, the choice of the corresponding precision level of machine tools, mass production of parts, the actual processing of the accuracy of the positioning accuracy may be 1.5-2 times the accuracy. Ordinary machine tool batch processing 8 precision workpiece, precision machining accuracy of up to 5-6 level, but there must be constant temperature and other process conditions, so the use of precision machine tools, high prices.