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What is the difference between gantry milling machine and gantry processing center?

Gantry milling machine with ordinary gantry milling machine and CNC gantry milling machine. Ordinary not to mention, the general accuracy of poor efficiency is low, but the configuration side milling head, for some special purpose parts, you can have a high processing efficiency! CNC gantry milling machine and gantry machining center of the biggest difference is that the former is not configured knife library, which are equipped with a knife library. So that the latter when the processing can be automatically replaced. Logically speaking, the processing center than the precision milling machine should be higher, but now we have blurred the concept, anyway, the use of ISO230 or VDA standards for precision acceptance.

Processing object is no different, are for large workpiece processing, suitable for large sheet metal parts or box parts, as well as mold processing. In general, gantry machine tools should be configured with the corresponding annex milling head, or to limit the scope of application of gantry machine tools.